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References and Resources

This website has benefitted from a number of online resources:

Spookshow's N Scale Locomotive Encyclopedia, N Scale Freight Car Encyclopedia and N Scale North American Passenger Cars are veritable gold mines of information on the early development of N Scale.

George Irwin's A1G, the online guide to the Atlas "First Generation" of N Scale Model Trains, is important to Postage Stamp aficionados simply because many early N Scale products from Europe were shared by multiple importers.

Doug Gosha's Atlas N Scale First Generation Motive Power and Treble-O-Lectric Railways, now hosted along with George Irwin's A1G, is of particular interest because it provides a rare glimpse into the very earliest days of N Scale with details on Treble-O-Lectric.

Among other things, Ross Fink offers a look at first generation Atlas Building Kits, which helps to sort out who made/sold what kits way back when.

Riley O’Connor's ambiguously-named The Railroad Guide (formerly the "Guide to Z Scale") pays particular attention to Minitrix and Postage Stamp Trains, filling in a few of the missing bits of their history.

The Faller AMS Club Sweden helped sort out the Faller N Bus system, and how it fit into their enormous AMS product line. has a detailed history of Faller.

The Toy Catalog Collector in Holland is great source of historical information, allowing one to determine what products were released exactly when.

The Train Collectors Association Western Division has a detailed history of many manufacturers.

Additional resources include:

  • Wikipedia, where the histories of many of the key players in N Scale can be found (particularly on the German Wiki)
  • eBay, where some of the most obscure items can be purchased
  • Google, which provides quite a powerful shovel with which to go digging deeply into the bowels of the Internet to find all manner of buried treasure

If you're aware of any other resources of interest or value, or if you have information to share, won't you please let me know? Thank you!

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