Although she was from a different litter in a different town, ZoŽ could be mistaken for Smooch's sister. The two bonded almost immediately. As a kitten, ZoŽ had the most adorable little face. You can also tell we had a thing for calicos.

ZoŽ had a sad/happy origin story. Her tail had a kink in itóa slight permanent bend in the middle. Evidently she was found as a newborn in a ditch beside the road on a rainy night, and her tail was broken. She was rescued and patched up, and then along came a pair of cat suckers who made sure she had a safe, happy forever home.

It took a while, but Misha finally came around and joined the sisterhood. Below, clockwise from top left: Misha, ZoŽ and Smooch.

Below, clockwise from bottom left: Smooch, ZoŽ and Misha.

Below, left to right: ZoŽ, Misha and Smooch.

ZoŽ loved to watch the toilet flush. Well, they all did, but she did the most.

And she loved to squish herself into tight places.

As she matured, her cute little pug nose popped out. My S.O. gave her the moniker, and it seemed to fit.

It's hard to say who was cuddlier, ZoŽ or Smooch.

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