Random Acts of Kindness

During the worst of the commercial property sale debacle, I received a great deal of emotional support from people who'd stumbled upon my tale of woe. One gentleman from Great Britain, Ric Mac, was especially helpful, sending me delightful, rambling stream of consciousness stories, as well as—and in particular—some stunning images. I'd like to share a few of his photos, as they were salve for a tortured soul, especially since I'm an Anglophile (as proof: The Avengers Forever).

The first one he'd sent was entitled "Gallop," and he proceeded to apologize for its "poor quality" because he'd taken it with his cell phone. Good grief, it's far superior to many an image "professional" photographers have taken with their "professional" equipment! So typically British to be unnecessarily apologetic (insert an enormous wink here)...

This remains my favorite for a variety of reasons. In particular, excellent composition creates a natural vignette effect, imbuing the image with a dreamlike quality, and the horse's mane and tail flow in a striking painterly fashion. I can truly lose myself in this image. Click for an enlargement.

Ric continued to share many more wonderful images, most of which came from Attenborough's Fields and Merry Hill, wildlife preserves located between Bushey, Oxhey and Carpenders Park, 15 miles from London. If I was inclined to travel, this would certainly be a destination of mine; all I can do is recommend it to residents of, or visitors to, Great Britain.

Why am I sharing so many photos from a "stranger" in the UK? Such positive thoughts and images do wonders for one's mood. Thank you, Ric Mac, thank you.


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