Ordinarily a pantry probably doesn't deserve the bandwidth for its own story, but in this case, it's possibly worth nothing that it this one is not a pantry, assuming one adheres to the modern-day definition. As I'd related in the electrical section, if an inspector knew this was a "pantry," it would fail. For reasons beyond my ken, instead of just being closets for food, walk-in pantries are now considered "second kitchens," and thus carry the same over-the-top outlet requirements. Mine might need as many as six GFICs on a dedicated 20-amp circuit. Since I've no desire or intention to use my pantry in this manner, it's officially a storage closet. Other than this little quirk, it's of no real consequence.

Update: On 23 November 2018, I added a dedicated outlet for a small freezer chest.

Studio Return Kitchen

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