To-Do List: Floor Tiling

I've always preferred tile floors over most any other treatment, with carpet being my very least favorite. For one thing, tile is well and truly maintenance free. For another, it's the best flooring for those with pets. One must be realistic: animals will make mistakes or get sick, and tile is immune to these effects. However, I remained undecided as to the specific pattern for a long time. I do like slate quite a lot, but it's a bit dark, and it's also costly. I also prefer textured over smooth tile, for some added character but mostly for safety reasons.

My plan was to tile the entire house with the same pattern, with these exceptions:

  • the stairs would be done in hardwood to "soften" their feel, and to create visual contrast;
  • the shower would be done in a "pebble" or "river stone" style for visual interest, but mostly for added safety.

Above all else, I had to choose carefully: I'll be living with it for the rest of my life. And, as it happened, the shower floor (completed 1 October 2019) looks just as I'd envisioned it over three years earlier—one of the few things that did.

In reality, I didn't tile the entire living area with the same tile. The bathroom (below, completed 9 November 2019) and closet/laundry (bottom, completed 15 November 2019) each got their own (vaguely similar) tile patterns, as will most of the other rooms, for a number of reasons, mostly to do with timing and espeically cost.

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