Room by Room: Closet/Laundry

Traditionally, laundries were relegated to the basement to avoid wasting precious living space on big, noisy machines, as well as having convenient access to utilities. Only recently have architects gotten more sensible about their location, and now they're inching their way into living areas. I situated mine in perhaps the most logical place of all: the bedroom closet.

My walk-in closet is behind the entertainment center and beside the bathroom. In terms of layout, the location made it convenient to the bedroom, and in terms of utilities, it was directly adjacent to the bathroom plumbing system (not that this was critical; it was merely a bonus). In addition, the closet/laundry serves as something of a mechanicals room, with the HVAC blower located in an overhead compartment: it's central to the house, and the dropped ceiling doesn't intrude on any living spaces.

By May 2016, the sill plates started going down; the closet pretty much fills this view, with the laundry at the back center:

The platform, below, will raise the washer and dryer to "human height" so as to be kinder on my back (although pedestals are available for most units nowadays).

At the far left of this view from the bathroom is the plumbing for the washer.

And at the far left of this overhead view, the HVAC blower platform is taking shape.

The blower platform was rebuilt in September 2017 to accommodate a different model. The access door, which occupies most of the image below (with the platform to the right), is large enough for the blower to be removed and replaced if necessary, something that was not possible before. The transition from high to low ceiling was, for a while, a point of contention; see Reconsidering.

Bathroom Return Deck

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