This is my version of a bacon explosion; however, it's different enough that it should not be mistaken for a bacon explosion—the only thing they have in common is the bacon basket weave wrapper. Also, bacon explosions are supposed to be painstakingly assembled to create photogenic pinwheel patterns when they're sliced. I can't be bothered with that; my pig bomb is more like meatloaf. I maintain it's the taste that counts, and folks who've had bacon explosions say they much prefer mine.


  • 2 lb. bacon
  • 1 lb. pulled pork
  • 1 lb. pork roll
  • 1-2 bottles of barbeque sauce (my preference is Jack Daniels Old No. 7; Stubb's Original Sweet and Sticky is a great second pick)


  • extra sharp cheddar cheese (my preference is 6-8 oz. Old Crock extra sharp)
  • sliced Jalapeño peppers (amount according to your tolerance)
  • other seasoning, according to taste
  • if you don't have a smoker, add a healthy splash of Stubb's Liquid Smoke


Reserve 12-14 slices of bacon; cook and crumble the rest. Shred the pork roll in a food processor. Combine crumbled bacon, pulled pork and pork roll with enough barbeque sauce to create a nice juicy mixture that holds together. Arrange uncooked bacon slices in a basket weave. Place the filling mixture in the shape of a log onto the middle of the bacon wrapper, then close the bacon wrapper tightly over the filling. If adding cheese or peppers, put half of the filling onto the wrapper, place the cheese or peppers along the log, and apply the rest of the filling over it.


Cook in a smoker at around 250° until the internal temperature is at least 165° (roughly 3-3.5 hours). Baste liberally with barbeque sauce during the last hour of cooking, and keep smoking until it develops a nice dark crust. If using a regular grill, wrap the log in heavy-duty aluminum foil to prevent burning. Slice and serve on fresh Kaiser rolls, or whatever you may prefer (I prefer it nekked).

Mmmm, crumbled bacon!

Pulled pork and BBQ sauce.

Who doesn't love pork roll?

The bombshell...


Armed and ready to detonate!

Kaboom! (Photo by Cody Fisher)


Not responsible for cardiac arrest, spontaneous combustion, blindness, or any other illness or injury sustained from the consumption of a Pig Bomb.


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