The Setting

It may be easy to think, based on the above photo, that I sort of live alone in the woods. The only advantage I have over my neighbors is that there are empty spaces to either side of me... but there's no knowing how long that will last: lately the park has been doing a lot of upgrading, replacing eyesores with brand new units, and making other improvements. So it may only be a matter of time before I'm boxed in by new neighbors. Whatever.

But to think I'm by myself in any way is only due to a camera trick: careful cropping makes it appear as if I'm in idyllic spot. However, the truth of the situation is quite different. Below are views of my unit from the east and west sides, respectively:

And the following are views from within my unit. Kitchen:

Dining Room:

Living Room:

Master Bedroom:

And finally, from the second bedroom (a.k.a. my office):

It's not awful, to be sure, but it's bad enough to make me feel quite uncomfortable, especially considering this used to be my view from every room:


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