The Second Bedroom

The floorplan shows the "after" version following all of my renovations.

At 70 square feet, this barely qualifies as a bedroom; indeed, a single bed just fits across one end. It does, however, have a pretty healthy closet—the largest in the whole trailer, in fact, seen here in its original configuration. I've since ripped out all of the shelves and rods.

This was destined to be my office, so I immediately ordered a computer workstation (actually a "gaming desk," although the distinction escapes me).

On 6 June 2023 I decided to recycle some of the shelves and brackets left over from the laundry renovation to provide my furry grandkids with some entertainment. As you can see, they enjoy their new perches, especially since it's in the room where I spend most of my time, so they get to hang with me. And when I can open the windows, it's extra-special.

A lower-priority project was to fix the frame and trim around the closet doors. The prior owner (or more likely his contractor) did something quite strange: they finished the door frame with wallboard and corner bead, and used floor molding for the trim. Worse, they never compounded the corner bead; they simply painted right over it (below). Which looks really bad.

I began work on 9 November 2023 by tearing out the floor molding, corner bead and wallboard. Then I used the floor molding as a "proper" door frame, and finished it off with "proper" molding.

I also dislike the slatted folding doors. Eventually I'll replace them with flush bypass doors; I say "eventually" because bypass doors are not cheap.


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