Modeling Humor

Most of these are based on inside jokes from the Railwire, so don't expect to get it unless you're a Wire member, and even then you might not get it.

Big Hair Guy and DKS. "Hey, DKS, got a minute?" Here's the last of this series (comprising nearly 40 episodes), which I pieced together in August 2021, long after the xtranormal online video app that had spawned them went dark. I created this "reunion" video because I found the voices used by XTraNormal available at a free text-to-speech site. I may someday re-upload all of those old "got a minute" vids... or not.

It's Peteski! One of the Railwire members gets the Wombo treatment.

The Downfall of Unitrack. This was made back in 2014 at the tail end of the "Downfall Parody" craze. My contribution to the video meme gives Unitrack users a gentle poke in the eye.