David Builds a Home, Parts 21-30

This companion series to my website presents highlights from the eight years I've spent designing and building my own home.

Part 21: The Home Stretch. Pouring the slabs brings the foundation construction to a close.

Part 22: One Last Thing... At the very last minute, I totally scrapped my deck design.

Part 23: Getting Framed Now I finally get to make some sawdust.

Part 24: Well Drilled I get the well drilled.

Part 25: The Big Sleep The project faces a catastrophe.

Part 26: Electric Insanity The battle for electric service begins.

Part 26b: More Electric Insanity The battle for electric service continues.

Part 27: Steeling the Roof At long last, my home gets a proper roof.

Part 28: Window To My World The saga of installing custom picture windows.

Part 29: With a Lot of Help From My Friends Years behind schedule, I ask for assistance.

Part 30: End of the Line I bring homebuilding to a close.

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