David Builds a Home, Parts 11-20

This companion series to my website presents highlights from the eight years I've spent designing and building my own home.

Part 11: Groundbreaking. It's time to celebrate the beginning of a grand adventure.

Part 12: Being Set Free. This is the best advice I ever received.

Part 13: Taking Control. I begin taking full advantage of my control over the project.

Part 14: No Ordinary Foundation. A rugged and heavily wooded lot is a little off-putting to some contractors.

Part 15: Getting My Footing. The foundation progresses nicely.

Part 16: Pumpin' Crete. The concrete for the foundation footing is poured.

Part 17: The Labyrinth. The forms for the foundation walls are assembled.

Part 18: Fill 'Er Up. The giant foundation form assembly gets pumped full of concrete.

Part 19: The Big Reveal. The forms are removed from the foundation.

Part 20: Filling In the Blanks. The foundation isn't done yet; next is the backfill step.

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