David Builds a Home, Parts 1-10

This companion series to my website presents highlights from the eight years I've spent designing and building my own home.

Part 1: The Dream. This is something I've wanted to since I can remember, and in 2013 I finally had a chance to make that dream a reality.

Part 2: The Plan. Living on the property while I designed and built my home provided many advantages. Here you can see how the plan came into being.

Part 3: The Details. My simple home design is a little more complicated than it appears. Here's a look at the floorplan in detail.

Part 4: Architectural Blues. My first big mistake was how I handled finding an architect.

Part 5: Amateur Engineering. I take matters into my own hands when the professional engineers fail.

Part 6: Well Learned. Missing information almost stops all work before any of it had even started.

Part 7: The Epiphany. I build a little guest cabin, which becomes my home away from home.

Part 8: Playing In the Dirt. Septic system construction begins.

Part 9: Burying Big Boxes. The septic system was finished with no trees cut thanks to creative thinking.

Part 10: Finding the Good Guys. Here's my secret to finding the best contractors for the job.

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