Who or what is Max Dumproom? If the reference is not obvious, you're either too young, or unfamiliar with 80s television. The reference here is "Max Headroom," a short-lived television series that lampooned... television. The problem was that Max as way ahead of his time, and most of the humor went right over most viewers' heads. No matter; he quickly became a cult favorite, and is fondly recalled by those who got to see him "live" on the air.

Fast-forward "20 minutes into the future," and here we are with my abomination, Max Dumproom, a series of political shorts having what should be an altogether too familiar target. I'm not certain what inspired me to conjure a "Donald Trump/Max Headroom" mashup, but whatever it was, it's become my first "hot" YouTube video creation. After I'd launched the series on 10 May 2023, one of the videos acquired over a thousand hits overnight. To me that's viral.

Their popularity has kept me going, and given how deeply bizarre Trump is, I likely have source material for thousands of shorts. Of course, being political in nature, they are polarizing, and I can see the DT supporters doing their best to downvote them. But... the joke's on them: they will never see their downvotes, because YouTube has disabled their display; all you can see is how many people are enjoying them, and it's quite a few.

And so, without further ado, here is Max Dumproom in all of his moronic glory. There's a dozen vids per batch.

Incidentally, I was taken to task by one visitor for producing "amateurish" videos (recommending that I "find something better to do with [my] time"). I suspect she was unfamiliar with the original Max, because I've gone to great lengths to make the videos appear crude since it reflects the source material. Older viewers certainly got the reference.