The X Files

1993-2002, 20th Century Fox

I survived for decades having never seen a single episode of The X Files. But I kept bumping into people who raved about it as though it was the best thing to happen to television. Ever.

So I went whole-hog and got the entire series. I then binge-watched it over the course of a month. I was tempted more than a few times to quit, but I really needed to be able to say I saw all 202 original-series episodes, just in case I missed something good.

I regret wasting the time and money, because I honestly could not find one redeeming quality. The stories were at best silly and at worst stupid, and watching Duchovny mumble and fumble was roughly equivalent to staring at a wet sponge until it was dry (Anderson out-acted him at every turn—which didn't take much). The accolades and awards showered on the show must have been meant for another series.

Clearly I didn't drink the Kool-Aid.






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