1994-2001, Mainframe Entertainment et al

This Saturday morning kiddy cartoon holds a very special place in my heart. After working in the computer animation field for a number of years, I became a CGI junkie. And in 1994, ReBoot was launched as the world's first 100% computer-animated television series. I might have missed it, except a colleague who had kids alerted me to it, and I was immediately hooked. Considering its era, it's truly remarkable to me how such crude characters could be so emotive. It also helped that the stories were clever and rich with geeky techno-humor that adults (and probably some older kids) could appreciate. The Tron-like premise was strange and hard to follow, but I imagine that wasn't an issue for young tykes. As the series progressed, so too did the animation, becoming quite impressive toward the end of its run. Although several sequels and spin-offs were proposed and never developed, a live-action/CGI hybrid reboot, ReBoot: The Guardian Code, has been announced for 2018, which is purported to feature most of the original series' main characters.





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