1997-2002, Salter Street Films et al

The very definition of an acquired taste, Lexx is bizarre, revolting, titillating, funny, confusing and irresistible all at once, boldly defying all rules and norms for any self-respecting television series. To wit: our main character, Stanley H. Tweedle (Brian Downey) is an objectionable, cowardly worm; his "crew" consists of an animated corpse assassin, a liberated sex slave, and a robot head obsessed with the sex slave. They bounce back and forth between two parallel universes in a stolen, living ship that has the IQ and disposition of a perpetually hungry four-year-old. Nothing makes any sense, even within the show's own rules, and it doesn't matter; likewise, production values are all over the map, as are the scripts, performances and effects, and yet the Canadian-German co-production ran four seasons. If you're tempted, consider yourself warned.






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