Doom Patrol

2019-, DC Entertainment et al

I wouldn't have given Doom Patrol a single thought, until I randomly clicked on a review reassuring fans that season two was every bit as good as season one: the first paragraph indicated the opening episodes featured an inter-dimensional farting donkey. I immediately stopped reading and cruised on over to Amazon to buy the first season. And I didn't regret it one bit; in fact, I've already binge-watched it four or five times.

This is not your father's superhero series... here's a thoroughly dysfunctional family of losers and social rejects, all victims of horrifying accidents and all carrying the burden of dark, mysterious pasts. But the secret sauce that makes this such a fun ride is utter absurdity and laugh-out-loud wit. Be warned, however: it is R-rated; Robotman is particularly foul-mouthed, and Crazy Jane can be ber-violent. But it's so worth it, especially since it features the incomparable Alan Tudyk as the evil Mr. Nobody, who regularly shatters the fourth wall to great effect.





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