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To be sure, most animated television series leave me cold; I've never seen an entire Simpsons episode, and I actively dislike South Park-esque shows—not so much for their snarky, viral humor, but mostly because of their trashy visual style: deliberately crude animation is an insult to animators (and yes, I get that it's part of the joke).

Then there's Archer. Not only is the animation handsomely-done, but the show is genuinely funny—I mean wickedly funny; indeed, it's been cited by more than a few critics as possibly being the funniest show on television, animated or not. Archer's rich, decidedly perverted world is filled to overflowing with running gags and raunchy, non-PC humor; plus, the voice acting is nothing short of brilliant. Creator Adam Reed has said that the show's tenth season will be its last. I shall mourn its passing.







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