The Addams Family

1964-1966, Filmways

I've never been one for comedy. To me, the vast majority of "typical" television comedy leaves me cold; I'm much more the Monty Python type. But I do make an exception for this great old series. Having recently binge-watched both seasons (shucks, only two?), I was reminded of why I enjoyed it so: the writers crafted a distinctly off-center style of humor, which they maintained consistently. Plus, it was perfectly cast: in particular, Carolyn Jones was other-worldly, and John Astin had the greatest mad-hatter eyes. Morticia and Gomez genuinely loved one another, which created a predictably satisfying foundation for the silly shenanigans transpiring around them. The stories were always bare-bones simple; it was the wonderful off-kilter interactions of the family that made tuning in worthwhile, sort of like comfort food. But their rival series, The Munsters, apparently achieved higher ratings; this was both galling (I loathed Munsters) and telling: American tastes are so predictably unsophisticated.

Incidentally, the movies were meh at best, although the animated feature wasn't bad.






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