The 100

2014-, Alloy Entertainment

If anyone had told me one day I'd be willingly following a Young Adult television series, I'd have laughed. And yet here I am, binge-watching each season of The 100 as it emerges on DVD. Honestly, it's better than it has a right to be; the premise is hardly plausible, and the churning, sudsy relationships between the various youngsters is at times laughable, particularly when the adults fall in line behind them, answering to their children's every whim as though they were deities. Not to mention the snarling, snarky over-the-top performances of the young actors as their characters progress from one silly hissy-fit to the next. Yet somehow it all works, particularly how the balance of power bounces back and forth amongst the tribes almost in sync with current real-world political events that presently hold sway over the fate of our planet. Unnerving.







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