2012, Walt Disney

Above all other animated films of any length, Paperman stands as my very favorite. Combining a totally unique visual style with a heartwarming romantic story, it hits all of right buttons in a mere six and a half minutes. The setting, both geographic and temporal (New York City in the 1940s), is ideal for a romance. But its most captivating aspect is the stunning, groundbreaking animation: the loose, (mostly) monochromatic 2D sketch effect is breathtaking and utterly perfect for the story.

While I don't put much store in critics' opinions, it's perhaps worth noting that Jeff Shannon, writing for Roger Ebert, considered it "brilliant from start to finish," and Leonard Maltin declared it "perfection itself." Not surprisingly, it won an Academy Award for best animated short. I can't count how many times I've seen it—quite possibly well over a hundred by now—and I've even watched the whole thing one frame at a time. No other film gets me choked up by merely thinking about it.

DKS 12/20/17
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