Blazing Saddles

1974, Crossbow Productions

Of all the films I've reviewed, this one seems to be the most polarizing. I've been all but branded a Nazi for not liking it. In truth, I actively dislike it. Mel Brooks' brand of humor is fart-in-your-face slapstick; indeed, the most beloved scene in this most beloved piece of crap is the fart scene. Now, I love a good fart joke as much (if not more) than the next guy, but I've yet to be able to articulate to the legions of Brooks fans the difference between stupidly-stupid comedy such as this, and smartly-stupid comedy such as, for example, Police Squad!; the distinction is utterly lost on them. I'd much rather endure a really bad case of hemorrhoids than watch this pain-in-the-ass piece of garbage again.

DKS 10/18/20
Rev 2/24/22


Wet Fart


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