Forbidden Zone

1980, Richard Elfman

Consider yourself warned: this is potentially one of the most offensive films you're likely to (not) see... or possibly one of the most bizarre. What it's not is laugh-out-loud funny; its humor may be derived from its baffling absurdity. Hervé Villechaize and Susan Tyrrell play the king and queen of the Forbidden Zone, an alternate reality accessed through the basement of a tiny home belonging to the distinctly non-PC Hercules family. Shot in black and white, it's peppered with strange animated bits and performances by the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo—the roots of Danny Elfman's career. You probably won't laugh; instead, you'll find your jaw in your lap by the end. And be careful: some of the tunes will get stuck in your head and drive you drink.

P.S. It's a good way to test the potential durability of a long-term relationship.







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