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PST Packaging

All track was packed in black cardboard boxes with yellow type and color postage-themed artwork, in keeping with the rest of their packaging. It would appear Aurora started relabeling the boxes at some point, perhaps to make the contents more easily identified. Initially the catalog number alone was stamped on one end; then there were two styles of labels applied over the catalog number panel that bore the number and a description.

Many boxes tend to be tattered and torn from being opened over and over, especially since it can be a royal PITA to get the track back in the boxes; some items must be stacked precisely in a certain pattern in order to fit.

Curiously, some of the labeled boxes have different catalog numbers underneath the labels. It suggests, perhaps, that empty boxes were pre-stamped, and when the change to labels was made, the numbers already printed on the box became irrelevant—they were just empty boxes. Not that any of this is the slightest bit important... just curious.

Minitrix Packaging

In contrast to Postage Stamp Trains, Trix's own packaging has gone through several variations over the years. Here are some samples. The first is from Minitrix in the US (American Tortoise); the rest are European.

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