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1968 Revell Catalog

Revell's 1968 N Gauge trains catalog was an exercise in deception. Nearly all of the trains shown are HO Scale—even the cover shot! Compare their "pretend" products with the actual Arnold items they were rebranding at the time. Having said that, Revell worked with Arnold to expand and improve their North American product line.

The Revell/Rapido line was called MicroTRAINS (not to be confused with Micro-Trains, a venerable product line once made by—and, later, the business descendant of—Kadee Quality Products, one of the earliest domestic N Scale manufacturers), and their track was called MicroTRACK (not to be confused with Micro-Trains' Z Scale Micro-Track).

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At least their print ads featured actual N Scale products (and were arguably better than Aurora's ads):

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