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4968: Remote Double-Slip Switch


Box size: 2-1/2" x 4-3/4" x 5/8"


New switches will have the wires wrapped neatly around the unit lengthwise, and the ends of the wires will be tinned (soldered). The switch will be wrapped in pale tan tissue paper. The box will also contain an instruction sheet, which may be within the wrapper or outside it; a quality control slip may be included as well.


NOTE: Beginning in 1969, according to their catalog, Aurora included a small, branded pushbutton control with track switches. It was either bright yellow or dark green, not to be confused with the function-coded colors of the Trix controls. This may have been in response to user frustration with Trix controls, and/or frustration at having to buy something else in order to make a track switch operate. I have a few of these pushbuttons, but I've yet to find a track switch box that contained one; they were perhaps included separately with switch and uncoupler purchases by dealers.

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