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4885: Refrigerator Cars

Prototype Information

Iced refrigerator cars became obsolete by the early 1950s, although they were quite ubiquitous during their lifespan. The mix of various details on Roco's model make it difficult to identify a specific prototype, and I suspect it may not have one, particularly since it has only two ice hatches instead of the usual four (likely to avoid having to tool a different roofwalk). 40-foot steel ice reefers date from the late 1920s, so some of the schemes offered, such as Hormel, may be too modern for this steam-era car.

Model Information

Catalog Numbers/Road Names
  • 4885/270 Burlington
  • 4885/425 Hormel
  • 4885/430 Carnation Milk red or black lettering
  • 4885/435 Old Heidelberg
Product Photos

Old Heidelberg car photo courtesy of Bob Williams


Cardboard Box Label

Plastic Box Inserts

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