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4881: Flat Cars

Prototype Information

Roco's model is generic enough to pass for any number of 42-foot fishbelly flatcars. The prototypes were most often found on quarry railroads hauling big blocks of stone, or at steel mills moving iron ingots. They weren't seen out on the mainlines as often as their longer brethren, which were frequently carrying tractors, tanks and other equipment.

Model Information

Catalog Numbers/Road Names
  • 4881 United States Army (appeared only in train sets)
  • 4881/210 Union Pacific
  • 4881/220 Santa Fe
  • 4881/300 Great Northern
  • 4881/340 Western Maryland
  • 4881/350 Norfolk & Western
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Flat cars that came in train sets or cardboard boxes do not have brake wheels. Flat cars that came in plastic boxes have brake wheels, although they're frequently lost or broken off from handling.

There's a potential conflict in the road codes. 350 is unambiguously Rio Grande, since it appears on a cattle car insert, as well as the 1967 catalog and 1967 Service Manual. However, there's a box marked 4881/350, yet I've found no evidence that a Rio Grande flat car was ever released. The box contained a Norfolk & Western flat.


Cardboard Box Labels

Plastic Box Insert

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