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4880: Boxcars

Prototype Information

The single-most common freight car ever made was the 40-foot steel boxcar, and of these the most ubiquitous was probably the Pullman Standard PS-1, introduced in 1947. Many thousands of them were built for hundreds of railroads. Roco's model represents a car with Pullman Standard doors—one of several door types—although it has excessively-deep relief. Anyway, it's a good bet that most if not all of the roads listed below had these cars in their fleet.

Model Information

Catalog Numbers/Road Names
  • 4880/220 Santa Fe (appeared only in train sets)
  • 4880/260 New Haven
  • 4880/300 Great Northern
  • 4880/310 Boston & Maine
  • 4880/440 National Cylinder Gas
Product Photos


Cardboard Box Labels

Plastic Box Inserts

Note the spelling on the second plastic box insert ("Greet" instead of "Great"). Also note the use of hyphens instead of slashes between catalog number and road code on two of the inserts.

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