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4866: 50' Center Flow Cars

Prototype Information

Emerging in the early 1960s from the American Car Foundry, these cylindrical hoppers were essentially big chunks of pipe on wheels, with rows of center-discharge chutes along the bottom, and were used primarily for grain. Roco's model is reasonably faithful, except that the tooling technology of the day resulted in grossly thick ladders and bracing, which gave the car a completely different look (as was the case with their jumbo taker), although to be fair, even with today's much finer tooling, this is a tough car to get right. That said, the really big blunder on this model is the use of old solid-journal Bettendorf-type trucks, when these cars would never have had anything but roller bearing trucks.

Model Information

Catalog Numbers/Road Names
  • 4866 United Carbon Company
  • 4866/210 Union Pacific
  • 4866/370 Dow Chemical
  • 4866/405 Shell
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