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4864: Ore Cars

Prototype Information

There were dozens of different styles of ore cars, a.k.a. jennies, and were used by many railroads. The one Roco chose to produce would seem to be a composite of several similar-looking variations dating from the 1950s. Many of these tough little cars are still in use today, albeit frequently patched, repaired and modified; likewise, the models are still being churned out.

Model Information

Catalog Numbers/Road Names
  • 4864/211 Canadian National
  • 4864/300 Great Northern
  • 4864/450 Bessemer & Lake Erie
  • 4864/455 Chicago & North Western — black and red body color variations
  • 4890/450 Bessemer & Lake Erie — alternate catalog number
Product Photos


Cardboard Box Label

This car was released with two catalog numbers. While it is uncertain why this happened, it may be due to the fact that Trix released their new ore car late 1967 in only one road name (Bessemer & Lake Erie), then released more road names the following year along with a number of other new car types, and Aurora may have gotten a little confused.

Plastic Box Inserts

Note the spelling on 4864/455—should be C&NW.

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