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4843: Longitudinal Hoppers

Prototype Information

This is another railroad-specific freight car that Roco chose to make: Santa Fe's Class Ga-123 hopper in its original version from 1961 (they were later modified to address fatigue problems with the cantilevered ends). The 60 cars built by Santa Fe have longitudinal dump doors which can be opened in six seconds using air pressure. Obviously the cars would only have been seen on the AT&SF, yet modelers could purchase them for the Boston and Maine, among others.

Model Information

Catalog Numbers/Road Names
  • 4843/211 Canadian National
  • 4843/220 Santa Fe
  • 4843/225 Penn Central
  • 4843/310 Boston & Maine
Product Photos


Plastic Box Inserts

Note the spelling on 4843/310.

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