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1968/69 Transcontinental Express Sets

Catalog Numbers

Penn Central sets were simply named "Penn Central Express." Beginning in 1969, sets with power packs were renamed "Golden Spike Express." Sets with road names other than Santa Fe or Penn Central, which did not appear in any catalog, were created by adding road codes to one of the two existing sets. The sets were released in bookshelf boxes as well as both styles of flat boxes.

Without power pack:

  • 4717 Santa Fe
  • 4717-240 Baltimore & Ohio
  • 4718 Penn Central

With power pack:

  • 4727 Santa Fe
  • 4727-220 Santa Fe
  • 4727-240 Baltimore & Ohio
  • 4728 Penn Central


The new Transcontinental Express set dropped the dummy F9-A of its earlier namesake and included three coaches instead of two, plus a Vista-Dome.


  • 3 X 4-3/8" straight
  • 1 X 4-3/8" rerailer
  • 11 X 7-1/2" radius 30 degree curve
  • 1 X curved feeder track

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Bookshelf Box Labels

Note the hand-altered label on 4717-240.

Flat Box Labels

Black-and-yellow flat box:

1973 era flat box:

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