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1967 Little Donkey Sets

Catalog Numbers

  • 4702 with power pack
  • 4802 without power pack
Road Names

Little Donkey sets are peculiar in that they were originally offered with a choice of road name, even though the locomotive itself had none; the road name was that of the caboose. The newer version had no road name choice.

  • 210 Union Pacific
  • 220 Santa Fe
  • 230 Pennsylvania
  • 240 Baltimore & Ohio


Rolling Stock

These sets share the same rolling stock assortment as the Fast Freight sets. Note that the flat cars have no brake wheels. The newer version had one fewer freight car.

  • 10 X 4-3/8" straight
  • 1 X snap-in rerailer
  • 11 X 7-1/2" radius 30 degree curve
  • 1 X curved feeder track
Other Items


4702/4802-220 Trays

4702/4802-230 Trays

Bookshelf Box Labels







Oddball Packaging

While digging for Postage Stamp sets one day, I came across the oddball at right. I do not suspect the image is bogus, so it creates a mystery: how did a set with the non-standard cover sheet on the left come into being? I have a feeling I'll never know.


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