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Canadian Freight Train Sets

Since Trix manufactured North American trains, as opposed to just trains of the United States, Aurora released some Canadian freight train sets. Although there may have been more, to date I've only uncovered the existence of two sets, plus one oddball special promotional set.


This is a Canadian National 1967 Fast Freight Set packaged in a bookshelf box. Since the set didn't include a power pack, it could have been distributed from the United States.


Released in 1969, this set was packaged by and sold through Aurora's Canadian distributor, Aurora Plastics of Canada, Ltd.

As far as I'm able to determine, the set contained a Canadian Pacific F9A, four freight cars, caboose, track, and a Canadian power pack. Plus a Canadian service manual. The set was not packed in Styrofoam trays; the rolling stock came in stand-alone packaging. With thanks to Kal for this information.

Shell Set

One other oddity related to the Canadian sets was a "Shell Oil" themed special train set (right). In featured a Canadian Pacific F9A, a Missouri Pacific stock car, two Shell tank cars, and a Canadian Pacific caboose. Plus there was a pamphlet with some Shell Oil propaganda. Presumably it also had track, but it's unknown if it included a power pack. As far as I can tell, it was released in 1969.

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