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Released in 1969, this set came with either Canadian National or Canadian Pacific engine and caboose. It's unknown why there was no difference in catalog number, or if customers even had a choice of what they got.

Packaging consisted of a yellow cardstock tray that held individually-boxed rolling stock and, curiously, pre-assembled lengths of curved track.

The set contained either a Canadian National or Canadian Pacific F9A, boxcar, refrigerator car, hopper car, tank car and caboose. Track comprised a full circle plus four straight sections, with an older-style snap-in rerailer. Plus, a Canadian power pack and a Canadian service manual. Note the alternate lettering style of the Shell tank car. Photos courtesy of Bob Williams and Kal B.


There was also a very rare Canadian set in a bookshelf box. Little is known about it other than the fact that it was probably released in 1967, since the catalog number and set contents both match the 1967 Fast Freight set. Also, because the set didn't include a power pack, it may have been distributed directly from the United States.

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