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4413-250: Bypass Track Assortment


The box is one piece with end flaps glued shut. Perforations allow the box to be opened,
and it cannot be re-closed.

Box size: 3-1/2" x 8-1/2" x 5/8"


  • 1 X 4-3/4" straight track section
  • 2 X 9.5" ("B") radius 45-degree curved track sections
  • 1 X 3-1/2" left diverging track
  • 1 X 3-1/2" right diverging track
  • 12 track joiners
  • 2 instruction sheets

Note: It's extremely difficult to find this item in mint condition because the different plastics used for the track and the wire insulation react with one another over time (right). The wires can become embedded in the track to the point that they're both irreparably damaged.

Note that Aurora 4995 can be used to control the bypass instead of 4434 (identified as 4034 in the instructions).

Faller Packaging

Note that Faller did not include the 4" straight track section.

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