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4863: Donkey Steam Switcher

The "Little Donkey" is certainly an oddball, given that it's a European style locomotive. Nevertheless, the little switcher was ubiquitous, not to mention versatile since it had no road name.

Introduced in 1965, catalog number 2913/2914 was one of the first N Scale locomotives Trix ever made, and represents a Royal Prussian Railway Administration Class T3 shunter. Later, it was also painted to represent a German Federal Railways Class BR 89 shunter. Production continued through the late 1990s. Sometime in the mid-70s the shell was retooled with added details such as pipes, rivets and springs; these would not be original Aurora-era locos. Incidentally, there's nothing wrong with the center drivers; that's the way the model was made. Consequently, they do not contribute to traction or electrical pickup.

Here's the maintenance sheet included with original Minitrix locos, showing how to dismantle and lubricate it:

Box Label

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