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4863: Donkey Steam Switcher

Prototype Information

Aurora's "Little Donkey" is certainly an oddball, given that it's a European style locomotive accompanying a product line otherwise comprised exclusively of North American trains. This 0-6-0 steam switcher represents a Royal Prussian Railway Administration Class T3 shunter. Later, it was also painted to represent a German Federal Railways Class BR 89 shunter.

Model Information

Introduced in 1964, catalog number 2914 was the first N Scale locomotive Trix ever made. Production continued through the late 1990s. Sometime in the mid-70s the shell was retooled with added details such as pipes, rivets and springs; these would not be original Aurora-era locos (even though some people try to pass them off as such). Incidentally, there's nothing wrong with the center drivers; that's the way the model was made. They do not contribute to traction or electrical pickup, even though they're powered; they simply transfer motion to the front drivers.

Below is the maintenance sheet included with original Minitrix locos, showing how to dismantle and lubricate it:


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