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Canadian Freight Cars

Important Caveats

The Canadian cars included in some Canadian train sets may not have been original Postage Stamp releases; they may have been substituted by set owners after purchase. But because the cars were released by Trix—they appear in the 1968 Minitrix Catalog—it's difficult to ascertain their source. Evidence for this is supported by three facts:

  • Canadian train sets identified as most likely genuine had no Canadian cars other than the cabooses (which are verified as genuine)
  • no genuine Postage Stamp packaging has been found for these cars
  • the cars did not appear in any Postage Stamp catalog

As a consequence, one cannot assume these cars are genuine Postage Stamp. Still, the research is ongoing; as always, I welcome feedback. Images courtesy of Bob Williams.




Cattle Cars

Tank Cars

Refrigerator Cars

Hopper Cars

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