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Bus System Sets

Catalog Numbers

  • 4401-1200 City bus set
  • 4402-1600 City bus set with transformer
  • 4403-1200 Greyhound bus set
  • 4404-1600 Greyhound bus set with transformer


Up until recently, I was only aware of a single style of Aurora's bus system set, the one with the goofy orange illustration of a bus pacing a train on the box lid, which was made in the US. But then, late one night, I saw something I'd never seen before:

It's obviously pretty beat-up, but it's also immediately recognizable as having been made by Faller, based on their #401 set. Did this version precede the others? Was it available only in certain geographic areas? Yet more unanswered questions.

Sets with transformers later carried a warning label below the Aurora logo.


Sets were packed in Styrofoam nests, with most accessories tucked loosely under the curved track. Mint sets are wrapped in cellophane.

  • 3 X 7" straight track sections
  • 2 X 4-3/4" straight track sections
  • 2 X 2-3/8" straight track sections
  • 1 X 1-1/4" straight track section
  • 2 X 7" (A) radius 90-degree curved track sections
  • 2 X 9.5" (B) radius 90-degree curved track sections
  • 2 X 9.5" (B) radius 45-degree curved track sections
  • 2 X 12" (C) radius 45-degree curved track sections
  • 1 terminal track
  • 34 track connectors
  • 4 pier supports
  • 4 guardrails
  • 1 City or Greyhound bus
  • 1 speed controller
  • 1 track connector tool (above right)
  • 1 track cleaning tool
  • instruction booklet
  • Model AC-1 transformer (4402 and 4404)

Note: This is an AC-powered product, which evidently caused some issues with users who attempted to power it with DC. Polk's Model-Craft Hobbies of Jersey City made an offer to help rectify this problem (no pun intended).

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