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1967/68 Arnold Catalog

Remember this ad? If so, then you're old like me! Charles C. Merzbach Company Inc. of New York City began importing Arnold Rapido trains (not to be confused with Rapido Trains) shortly after their introduction in 1962. Arnold's "American" locomotive offering started as early as 1966, when they simply re-lettered an European steam loco for American railroads.

By 1967/68, Arnold's catalog was an impressive 48 pages, and the following year it grew by 50%. Only those pages featuring North American items are shown here. Compare this product line with that of their biggest competitor at the time, Minitrix. Also, many of these items were rebranded and sold by Revell, one of Aurora's biggest competitors at the time. All catalog pages link to larger images.

Note that the orange diesel above the Santa Fe F units is a European loco painted for Union Pacific. The giveaway is the fact that it has buffers.

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