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Why did I create this website? I've always had a particular fondness for Postage Stamp Trains, and I'm certainly not alone. But there's hardly any information about it on the Internet, and what little I've found is incomplete and sometimes inaccurate. Worse, the stuff sold on auction websites is all too often misidentified or isn't even Postage Stamp merchandise.

It just so happens I possess a unique combination of knowledge and skills to fix that situation: I've modeled in N Scale for 50 years, I'm a Postage Stamp Trains collector, and I've worked professionally as a writer, photographer and web developer. Plus I'm retired, so now I have the time. As it is, I spent about six months getting this website ready to launch, starting with a spreadsheet of PST data I'd been building for the last dozen years or so. Several online resources have been helpful as well.

In addition to merchandise, I also collect paraphernalia about Postage Stamp Trains such as advertisements, catalogs, order sheets and so on. For example, nearly all of the images on the Marketing and Catalogs page were scanned from items I have. This not only ensures authenticity, but also results in the highest quality images possible.

Although I know a good bit about Postage Stamp Trains, I'm hardly the authority; I'm quite certain there are others who know substantially more. Thus you shouldn't be surprised to find any number of gaps and errors; they'll be corrected as new information becomes available.

My goal is to build the most comprehensive reference on Postage Stamp Trains possible by providing every bit of information I can obtain on every product. With over 400 pages and over 1,600 images, this website already has quite a lot to offer, but there's more yet to be done, particularly with respect to the train sets from the early 1970s.

Note: Some images used here were sourced from other websites through deep image searches. No infringement is intended. I've attempted to contact the image owners where possible, although many images are from expired auctions or removed pages. If you should happen to be the owner of an image here and haven't heard from me, please get in touch. Thank you!

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