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By 1970 Minitrix was being imported by American Tortoise, Inc., both owned by Mangold GmbH & Company. Extremely little is known about ATI, other than its existence was brief. Interestingly, ATI operated Trix Train Division in Rexdale, Ontario, and Aurora's Canadian distributor was Aurora Plastics of Canada Ltd. in Rexdale, Ontario. ATI certainly made an emphatic statement in the August 1970 issue of Playthings magazine.

Of particular interest is this statement: "MINITRIX has the most exciting new TRAIN SET packaging in the field... packaging that lets you SEE what you're getting!" Curiously, the "exciting new packaging" (right) is substantially similar to the yellow-and-black Postage Stamp flat boxes, and the set contents were identical, even down to the plastic power pack. Incidentally, much of that "exciting new packaging" was empty space! At some point, ATI changed their product line color scheme from black and yellow to blue and yellow.

Since ATI was the official North American distributor of Minitrix beginning in 1970, it's unclear what their legal and/or business relationship was with Aurora when their new Postage Stamp sets emerged in 1973.

As a curious footnote, ATI later branded Trix products as "Minitrains," a trademark also used by multiple other companies. When ATI was absorbed by Model Power, the packaging reflected the lineage.

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