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1969 Postage Stamp Trains Catalog

Aurora's 1969 catalog shared its artwork with the 1970 Minitrix catalog, although much of it seems to have originated back in 1967. All catalog pages link to larger images.

Aurora introduced three new Minitrix locomotives that, to the best of my knowledge, they never sold. These include a 4-6-2 Pacific steam locomotive, a Fairbanks Morse diesel switcher, and a GE U-28 road diesel. The illustrations of these forthcoming locos suggest the production models weren't ready yet.

This illustration bears little resemblance to either a real-life Pacific or the model Trix finally released.

The GE U-28 art isn't as bad, although the paint schemes for the two roads shown are far removed from reality.

The Fairbanks Morse switcher illustration is an H-10-44, while the actual model is an H-12-44 (different cab design).

The text on the inside cover ("All diesels are eight or twelve wheel drive!") is incorrect. Trix's 6-axle U-28 actually only had eight-wheel drive; one axle on each truck was a dummy. But it didn't matter, since it would appear that Aurora never sold any of them. Also, there's a hint that flat boxes were on the way.

To the best of my knowledge, 18 of the train sets in this catalog were never released: the four "Road Special" and four "Main Liner" sets with the GE U-28; the four "Tower Switcher" and four "Yard Hog" sets with the FM switcher; and the "Rocky Mountain" and "Mighty Mammoth" sets with the Pacific.

Eight new building kits were added, all of them American-styled. There's been some debate as to their source, but there's no doubt they were all from Faller.

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