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1968 Minitrix Catalog

Only the relevant pages of Minitrix's 24-page 1968 English-language catalog are reproduced here (the "Little Donkey" is missing from these pages because it's a European model, and so it appears elsewhere in the catalog). Note that all of their North American products are marked "new for 68," whereas Aurora had been selling nearly everything since 1967. Trix made a number of Canadian items that Aurora elected to exclude from their Postage Stamp Trains line, although a Canadian train set is known to exist. Note that Trix describes their diesels as F7s, whereas Aurora claims they're F9s (Trix was closer to the mark). Also compare Minitrix's North American product line with that of a competitor, Arnold. Interesting detail: postage stamps on the cover. Coincidence? All catalog pages link to larger images.

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