The Company


Schöenwitz Modellbau Technik is an online shop in Germany that specializes in LEDs, DCC/sound systems, and other high-tech modeling products. Among their items are illuminated figures and vehicles, which bear a very strong resemblance to those offered by Model-Lights.

The Figures

The assortment of illuminated items sold by Schöenwitz is but a tiny subset of the enormous Model-Lights product line. Catalog numbers are strangely absent from their order forms; the numbers here are derived from the original image names (all of which are from the Schöenwitz website). The odd numbering suggests there may have been, or will be, more items; it's impossible to know.

Cat #



Bicycle with LED lighting, driver with scarf


Bicycle with LED lighting, two drivers


Bicycle with LED lighting, old woman


Scooter with LED lighting, male


Scooter with LED lighting, pair


Scooter with LED lighting, waving


Platform dispatcher with signal

Where to Buy

Schöenwitz Modellbau Technik.

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