House Rules: What's In

1:160, 1:150 (Japanese N) and 1:148 (British N) people and animals. Anything from a single horse to crowds of people, clothed or unclothed, can be found here. Thoroughness does result in a lot of onesies and twosies, but c'est la vie.

Dioramas, details, vehicles and accessories that include people or animals. The dioramas included in the database generally focus on the people and what they're doing, so they have value even if only for cultural interest. If a vehicle, machine or other inanimate object is accompanied by a person or animal, it'll be included as well.

3D Printed Figures

Because the market is quite fluid, 3D-printed figures have their own page.

House Rules: What's Out

Military, wargaming or fantasy figures. Besides the fact that they're generally of limited use for typical modelers, there's just so bloody many of them! I've started a separate section just for military and wargaming figures, but given the breadth of the market, it could take me quite a while to make this as comprehensive as the main index—there's over a hundred manufacturers, and thousands of products.

No-name bulk figures. There's just no point in going down this road. For one thing, they're generally awful; and for another, sellers come and go practically overnight. If for whatever reason you need some, you can find them in seconds, almost literally for a dime a dozen.

Architectural figures. In a way, this is the origin of the no-name bulk figures. Often they're too small because they're made to a standard architectural scale of 1:200. Plus, sometimes they're abstract in design or even 2D silhouettes.

Figures included with pre-finished buildings. Usually these figures are either very poor in quality, or pulled from some existing figure set. Or both. (There are a few exceptions.)

Figures included with building kits. These are often fine craftsman kits that tend to be expensive and (paradoxically) feature crude cast metal figures. However, if the figures can be purchased separately, they're listed.

"Joke" figures. Gold Medal Models produced a set of etched brass "roadkill" (160-60)which included a lawyer, a feminist, a conservative and a liberal. Products such as this are excluded for obvious reasons.

Exceptions. I've broken my own rules on a few occasions in order to make a point, or because of unusual circumstances. A few pages feature items from manufacturers that do not appear in the main index. Have fun tracking them down!


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