The Company


Roskopf Miniatur Modelle is an old, long-gone German manufacturer of HO Scale military miniatures, including tanks and related vehicles. They also made horse-drawn wagons. Roskopf products are now the property of Wiking.

The Figures

Back in the earliest days of N Scale, Roskopf produced horse-drawn wagons in N Scale, which were imported and rebranded by Boyd Models, as well as Preiser, and later cloned by several other companies. Three of them appear on page 3 of Roskopf's 1967 catalog; a water wagon was added later. (Note that the cart is the same in all of them, with different details added.)

Here's #905 in original Roskopf packaging, courtesy of Markus Schiavo (N Scale vehicles).

Where to Buy

Very likely impossible. You might have better luck finding an old Boyd item.

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