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19 February: Been a while since I've made any updates; Markus Schiavo has helped out once again. Faller has six new sets for 2018, most or all of which are just recycled older sets in new paint schemes. Noch also has six new sets, some of them featuring ultra-detailed painting. Preiser has one new set, as does Artitec (new items are highlighted in yellow). And finally, we have a newcomer, Modellbahn Union, with a single seasonal product.

8 November 2017: Markus Schiavo is doing my job. New products added for Noch (5), Pro Hobby/Icom (6) and Tsugawa (4).

24 October 2017: A new vendor, Schöenwitz Modellbau Technik, has been added, although they may simply be a reseller of Model-Lights products (in which case they may be removed at some point).

23 October 2017: The number of items with figures from RailNScale has more than quadrupled, and it will likely continue to grow quickly.

10 October 2017: Did some research into clones of Roskopf's horse-drawn wagons.

17 September 2017: The database has had a massive bump in product count with the addition of Modelu.

10 September 2017: Minitrix is back on the list again with a possibly OOP product.

9 September 2017: Added images to the military and wargaming figures. Also added a dozen or so new images elsewhere.

17 August 2017: Started work on a separate section for military and wargaming figures.

16 August 2017: During a search of European manufacturers, I stumbled across VEB Harzer Schmuck Quedlinburg (quite the mouthful).

14 August 2017: Thanks to The Railwire, I've added Andrew C Stadden. Also added a links page.

7 August 2017: Discovered two more old detail casting companies in the UK, Graham Avis Details and D&M. Also, I decided to remove Minitrix from the listing, as it would appear their figures aren't even close to N Scale, even though the train they accompany is—go figure.

30 July 2017: New addition Model-Lights offers 86 lighted figures and vehicles with figures!

27 July 2017: Thanks once again to Markus Schiavo, the database has acquired two new manufacturers (Artitec and Kehi Modellbau), as well as another dozen new items. I've also added a bunch of new product photos of Tomytec dioramas.

14 July 2017: Discovered yet another manufacturer in Germany, Marks.

13 July 2017: Stumbled across two more sources, Microlife and Trafofuchs.

12 July 2017: Thanks to Markus Schiavo (N Scale vehicles), the database has acquired four new manufacturers (DeAgostini, MEK, NModell and Rolfs Laedchen) and dozens of new items.

1 July 2017: Added a half-dozen items to the Langley line, as well as all images. Also added many images to the P&D Marsh line.

24 June 2017: The website was launched.

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