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8 November 2017: Markus Schiavo is doing my job. New products added for Noch (5), Pro Hobby/Icom (6) and Tsugawa (4).

24 October 2017: A new vendor, Schöenwitz Modellbau Technik, has been added, although they may simply be a reseller of Model-Lights products (in which case they may be removed at some point).

23 October 2017: The number of items with figures from RailNScale has more than quadrupled, and it will likely continue to grow quickly.

10 October 2017: Did some research into clones of Roskopf's horse-drawn wagons.

17 September 2017: The database has had a massive bump in product count with the addition of Modelu.

10 September 2017: Minitrix is back on the list again with a possibly OOP product.

9 September 2017: Added images to the military and wargaming figures. Also added a dozen or so new images elsewhere.

17 August 2017: Started work on a separate section for military and wargaming figures.

16 August 2017: During a search of European manufacturers, I stumbled across VEB Harzer Schmuck Quedlinburg (quite the mouthful).

14 August 2017: Thanks to The Railwire, I've added Andrew C Stadden. Also added a links page.

7 August 2017: Discovered two more old detail casting companies in the UK, Graham Avis Details and D&M. Also, I decided to remove Minitrix from the listing, as it would appear their figures aren't even close to N Scale, even though the train they accompany is—go figure.

30 July 2017: New addition Model-Lights offers 86 lighted figures and vehicles with figures!

27 July 2017: Thanks once again to Markus Schiavo, the database has acquired two new manufacturers (Artitec and Kehi Modellbau), as well as another dozen new items. I've also added a bunch of new product photos of Tomytec dioramas.

14 July 2017: Discovered yet another manufacturer in Germany, Marks.

13 July 2017: Stumbled across two more sources, Microlife and Trafofuchs.

12 July 2017: Thanks to Markus Schiavo (N Scale vehicles), the database has acquired four new manufacturers (DeAgostini, MEK, NModell and Rolfs Laedchen) and dozens of new items.

1 July 2017: Added a half-dozen items to the Langley line, as well as all images. Also added many images to the P&D Marsh line.

24 June 2017: The website was launched.

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