The Company


Best known for their model lubricants, Labelle Industries is now owned by Con-Cor, and is still selling their old N Scale engineer sets, along with a number of odd, very dated items such as "Angle Hair" light bulbs (unless they just haven't bothered to remove them from their antiquated website).

The Figures

These are plastic figures sold in blister packs. Some have been branded for Con-Cor and packed in baggies with header cards. Some packages are marked "Made in Western Germany." Still working on who made them for Labelle (I'm betting it was Preiser). Photos are mine except for the Con-Cor branded item, which cropped up during a deep image search.

Cat #




Steam-era engineer & fireman set 1



Steam-era engineer & fireman set 2



Steam-era engineer & fireman set of 4



Diesel engineer & fireman set 1



Diesel engineer & fireman set 2


Where to Buy

One used to be able to order them online directly from Con-Cor, but they may be discontinued. Note that these figures are now available from Showcase Miniatures.

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